In the wise word of the late great Mase, welcome back, welcome back…welcome back! Another week, another great guest, and another new edition of RecruitingLive is in the works…

Queue the plug! RecruitingLive is about getting beyond theory and buzzword bingo. It’s about ethical application, and sustaining the symbiotic recruiter/candidate relationship through live practice.

That’s the premise behind this show. Live recruiting. We’re hosting recruiters and sourcers every week to share some wisdom on all things recruiting in a live Q&A format.  From the comfort of your desk, you can have a conversation with the best and see how they approach different recruiting challenges.

If you haven’t tuned in yet, newsflash — you’re missing out.

This week, we’ve granted all of you with a gem of a recruiter, and an all-around good human; Derek Zeller.

Some of you may know of him from his twitter exploits as @derdriver, his food photos, his genuine good nature, or maybe from his posts on our own RecruitingDaily — which have caused quite an uproar across the masses.  He’ll be gracing the interwebs with his presence to discuss the often overlooked, but simplistic efficacy of knowing what the hell you’re talking about as a technical recruiter. As shocking as it may be to all you brand folks, building rapport and legitimacy is no easy feat. So why not join us to learn a thing or two about how things have changed, and how to stay relevant. He also has braved the not so new world of government clearances, rigid stakeholder hierarchies, and secret agent men. #truestory

Drop by and drop a line to pick his brain next week.


By Katrina Kibben

RecruitingDaily contributing writer and editor.  I am a storyteller. A tactical problem solver. A curious mind. A data nerd. With that unique filter, I work to craft messages that strategically improve the perceptions and experiences of our clients, the people they employ and the candidates they wish to attract. I methodically review and collect research and insights to offer solution-based recommendations that meet the one-off, and not so one-off, recruiting and employer branding problems of today's global employers.


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