The GIG Economy

Where’s that recession?

Although it has loomed over the last few years, a decline hasn’t materialized.  Yet.


Before we start, here’s a little a backstory.  RecruitingDaily and Talemetry hit the scene of HRTech 2019, gathering up influencers and figureheads.

We asked one question:  In five years, what skills will you be hiring for?

Last episode, we talked the Soft Skills gap with Kassandra Sharron.


Today we will be listening to William Tincup’s discussion with Andrew Gadomski, Managing Director at Aspen Analytics, and Jason Roberts, Co-Founder of HR Executive Congress (and more). Their topic: A dissection of the possible rise OR fall of the gig economy following the impending recession.


A few more questions to crank your gears:

Will a gap in vocational and labor-driven skills + one biologist lead to the apocalypse?

How will coders fare in a world of bots?

Does the worst-named HRTech company need a strong antibiotic?


Listen to the full podcast here and weigh in.  How will you hire in 5 years?

Playing Time:  10 Minutes


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