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The founders of Key Interval Research, analysts John Sumser and William Tincup, are known for their candor… and they don’t disappoint. Talking about everything from how an HR function evolves in an organization (it’s often a sum of the crises to date), to their disappointment in Harvard Business Review (using the words “lazy” and “Kardashian”), to their list of people who are really innovating in the HR space right now, Sumser and Tincup will take you on a journey that will truly open your eyes.

In this episode of Resonate you will hear:
  • Which companies are better suited to engage employees on social and why
  • Why HR’s structure needs to be customized depending the needs of the organization—unlike areas like Finance
  • Where HR software buys go wrong (surprise: it’s not a conflict between buyers and sellers)
  • Why “Hero Stories” are vital for giving practitioners the examples they need to try brave new things
  • What the future of professional development will look like

Bonus materials include

  • Lots of swearing!
  • Why people are not ever truly authentic (at least on social)!
  • How “B level” talent may be exactly what you need!
[quote]”Permission and approval are not things that organizations give easily anywhere, ever”  – John Sumser[/quote]
 [quote]”No one is truly authentic (on social)…you can’t handle ALL of somebody”  – William Tincup[/quote]

Heard in this podcast:

Jason Seiden Square

Jason Seiden, CEO & Cofounder, Brand AmperJason’s a storyteller. He launched Brand Amper, a brand management platform for recruiting, based on 20 years experience solving leadership and communications challenges for Fortune 500 executives and their employees.
Twitter: @Seiden



SumserJohn Sumser, Principal Analyst, Key Interval Research
John Sumser is a Philosopher turned Software Developer turned HR Industry Analyst. He’s the other Principal Analyst at Key Interval Research. He is a finder of things. Some say he was the first blogger in HR. He says that he was the first analyst to publish daily, beginning 20 years ago.
Twitter: @JohnSumser


TincupWilliam Tincup Principal Analyst, Key Interval Research
William Tincup is a Principal Analyst at Key Interval Research. He’s a founder of things including the most successful marketing firm in the HR Industry. His passion involves separating myth from fact. He is really curious about the way people use and experience HR Technology.
Twitter: @williamtincup


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