Do you even Reverse, bro?

If you don’t, you should.  Listen, we aren’t telling you what to do.  This is merely a suggestion, but if you haven’t utilized reverse image search as part of your sourcing technique, it’s time to change that.

Maybe we kind of are telling you what to do.


Why you say?

Well, there are so many reasons.

  • To find someone’s name using their profile pic.
  • Sleuthing out credentials based on an accreditation stamp.
  • Because it’s pretty cool, and it’s easy to do, so why not?
  • More…


The single most important reason to use Reverse Image Search is…

Because Shally Steckerl, the Godfather of Sourcing, does.

Don’t believe us?  Listen to the podcast above – a whopping 5 minutes of your day – then come back and tell us if you’re convinced.

While you’re at it, why not have a listen to Shally’s last episode, Effective Email Relationships and Campaigns.  Bet you can’t guess what that one is about.


I build enterprise recruiting engines through training/education, consulting, and operational support for midsize and larger corporations and staffing/recruiting agencies helping them efficiently find unfindable talent. I partner with Recruiters and Sourcers, from the most seasoned to entry level empowering them with innovative strategies and techniques to adapt to today's ever changing global market.


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