Let’s talk about grit.

We hope you’ve been following our podcast series from HRTech 2019, where RecruitingDaily and Talemetry team up to ask some of the top industry leaders what their thoughts are on the future of hiring.

We’re learning what they think the hottest and most sought after skills and competencies will be in the year 2025. In our previous episode, we talked about digital fluency with Jesse Ofner, or how people will need to have the ability to work with and manage technology. We couldn’t agree more!


Today we are here with Will Staney, the Founder & CEO at Proactive Talent. We’re asking him the same question:

hire for grit

What skills are you hiring for in 5 years?


Will believes that the job market is changing at such an incredible pace, and new types of jobs will continuously be created. Having the skill of adaptability, as well as the ability to continuously learn will be sought after in the future. Humans are naturally change-averse, so the big skill will be the ability to be OK with change.

Hire for GRIT. The rest can be taught.

Tune in to hear more about the future of ATS offerings, and why they believe industry software companies will need to put customer needs over profitability and strategy! It’s all about that data flow.


Playing time: 8 minutes






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