High EQ and Grit.

If you haven’t been following along, RecruitingDaily and Talemetry hit the scene at HRTech 2019, asking some of the top industry people their thoughts on future hiring trends. We asked everyone one question:

In five years, what skills or competencies will you be hiring for?

In our last episode, William spoke with Shannon Pritchett and Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads. Their discussion focused on a needed shift from networking into community. If you missed it, check it out here!

This week, we pose our question to Lisa Guérin Cervenka, Head of Brand, Partnerships & Product at VH Included Consulting, and Jeremy Ames, President & Founder of Hive Tech HR. What do skills do they think will be the most needed in 2025?










Lisa feels that EQ is going to be really important, in terms of being able to run and build a successful and diverse workforce where people feel they belong. Some of this can be learned, but she feels that most of it is intuitive.

She also feels that at the executive level of hiring, it’s become too common to hire within their own trusted network. The upcoming challenge will be for executives to hire others outside that circle and push themselves to think about sourcing in a different way.


Jeremy wants to talk about grit. He says that of all the people that he’s hired over the years, the successful ones are the ones that are resilient. They are the people that know how to push rather than follow. Education isn’t quite as important if you can continuously learn and be multidirectional. It’s the people with grit that thrive and also keep pushing you.


Tune in now to hear the rest and let us know what you think!

Discussion points include:

  • William’s thoughts on assessment tools and how they can be effectively used
  • What word would William add to the “buzzword death pool” and why? (Spoiler: it’s “Digital Transformation”)
  • What D&I tool does everyone need to know about?


Playing time: 15 minutes

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