Data-driven decisions

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We have another installment in our series from HRTech 2019! RecruitingDaily and Talemetry have teamed up to talk shop and gather valuable information for your listening pleasure! Find out what the sharpest minds in the HR industry foresee for the future of talent acquisition and hiring trends.  Today, we’re addressing data-driven decisions.


If you haven’t listened in on our series yet, here’s a quick rewind.  We ask each person the same question:

What skills will you be hiring for in 5 years?

Then we share the answers with you.

Don’t miss the last episode, where we talked with Bill D’Amico about the value of cultural compatibility, and how he believes that may even prove to be more important than prior skills or training!


In today’s podcast, we have William Tincup posing that question to Joss Leufrancois, the Co-founder and CEO for Visage.

Joss believes that the direction the current market is heading will have an increase in the need for talent that exists at the intersection of people and analytics. To explain, there will need to be a better mix of understanding things like human resources, development, and talent acquisition paired with data analytics skills or machine learning.

People will need to be able to combine those two disciplines in order to make better decisions, data-driven decisions. His belief is that the HR industry is currently lagging behind in that aspect. We’re intrigued, aren’t you!


To close out the episode, Joss asks William his own question:

“As a corporate recruiter working for an agency, what are the skills and exposure one needs in order to stay relevant in this field?”

Tune in below to hear what William has to say! Let us know what you think.


Listening time: 5 minutes

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