Adaptability and Synthesizers

We hope you’ve been following our podcast series from HRTech 2019, where RecruitingDaily and Talemetry team up to ask some of the top industry professionals what their thoughts are on the future of talent acquisition.

We’re discovering what they think the most sought after skills and competencies will be in the year 2025. In our previous episode, we discussed the need to hire for the right point of view, rather than specific training.  There’s also a comparison to HR positions with a highway or air traffic controller. Check it out!


In today’s episode, we have self-proclaimed “technoholic” Doug Berg, Chief Zapper with ZAPinfo, along with Russell Klosk, Principal Director of Strategy at Accenture. We’re asking them the same question:

What skills will be the most sought after in 5 years?











Doug goes straight for adaptability. He says that he will be less interested in a candidate’s specific languages or skills but will want to know if they have the capability to pick up whatever comes next, fast, and be good at it. As an example, look at programming. It doesn’t matter if you’re good at C++, because that matters today. What languages will there be in 5 years? We don’t know, but we need people that are able to learn them. People will need to have those basic building blocks of learning, and that can adapt. Focus on speed, quality, and customer experience.

Russell believes that synthesizers are gonna be the winners in the future. The world of the integrated is going away, and everything is getting broken out into pieces. What used to be a feature is now its own company. So, the people that are able to synthesize all of those different components and get the most out of their sum are going to be needed.


Tune in now to hear the rest of their discussion, as well as their questions for William! Points include a discussion on integration, AI, and making salespeople cry. Plus, a bonus discussion of Uber/Lift and airports, along with a little group therapy.

Playing time: 15 Minutes

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