Culture vs. Skills


If you haven’t caught our podcast series yet, RecruitingDaily’s William Tincup & Talemetry skimmed the halls of HRTech2019 for insight.  Cultural compatibility was a highlight, along with soft skills and core competencies.

We asked everyone the same question: What skills do you feel we’re hiring for in 2025?

And we recorded the answers.  So what does that mean for you?

2025 Talent Acquisition Landscape predictions from some of the most influential characters in the field right before your eyes.  #WINNING.

Our last episode featured Jeanette Maister and Jaqueline Kuhn, where they discussed the importance of developing accountability and problem-solving skills.


Training is so 2019.

podcast with bill d'amico

In today’s installment, William poses our question to Bill D’Amico, VP of Partnerships at Talemetry, Bill dives into the value and necessity of cultural compatibility.

GEM Recruiting AI

He explains that companies are already beginning to recruit those who don’t possess prior training needed for the position.

They do, however, fit well into the organization’s culture, and the company is willing to invest in those people.

Bill has already seen this happen with his daughter, who was recruited after an internship and then enrolled into a Java training program. Companies will teach hard skills when they see a candidate that is adaptable and willing to take on new challenges.


Listen Up

We’d give you more, but you have to listen to the podcast for Bill’s full scope of 2025.

And because we like bonuses, enjoy a few words from William about where AI technology will take talent acquisition.  Why is it the new “shiny red ball” of HR?


Playing time: 6 minutes


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