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Storytelling around data and technology

Welcome back to our podcast series from HRTech 2019.

If you haven’t been following along, RecruitingDaily and Talemetry teamed up at HRTech 2019 to discuss the future of talent acquisition and what the landscape might look like in the year 2025. We are asking some of the top industry leaders what skills or competencies are going to be hot in the future by asking each person the same question:

What skills are you hiring for in 5 years?


In our last episode, we spoke to John Baldino and Dean Da Costa about the importance of taking calculated risks and thinking outside the box. If you missed it, check it out now!

Today, we ask our question to Betsy Summers. Betsy is the Senior Product Marketing & Sales Enablement Manager of Competitive Intelligence at Cornerstone on Demand. Her answer is that future companies will want to hire for human skills, such as creativity and decision making. Currently, there’s really no way to assess for this during the hiring process. We agree.

Another important point she makes is with the increased availability of AI and other technology-based tools, people will need to be able to manage technologies. We will have the measurement tool but will still need a human for storytelling, to interpret and explain what it means.


Finally, for her question to William, Betsy wants to know the best question he has been asked up to now. Tune in to hear their prediction on what could be lost if the recession does happen. What happens to engagement discussions during a recession? And, does top talent even require engagement or is engagement for the “C” players? Don’t miss it!

Playing time: 12 minutes

Noel Cocca

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