The Rise of the Creative Class

Welcome back to the beginning of a new week, and another episode of our podcast series.  We’ve talked soft skills, we’ve addressed accountability.  This week, we’re covering a productive right brain – the rise of the creative class.


What’s Happening Here?

At HRTech 2019, Recruiting Daily teamed up with Talemetry to ask some of the top minds in the industry where they think hiring is headed in the next 5 years.

In case you missed our last installment, we spoke with Joss Leufrancois about the increased impact that data-driven decisions will make in the future. They also discuss what corporate recruiters can do to stay relevant.

We are here today speaking with Aman Brar, CEO at Jobvite and Jade Bourelle, VP of Products at Jobvite. We’re asking them the same question:

In 5 years, or in 2025, what skills or competencies do you think we’re hiring for?


Podcast w/Aman BrarPodcast w/Jade Bourelle


Aman is most interested in how to further define what we mean when we say “The Rise of the Creative Class.

What will that impact be? What are people testing for that’s different from what we’re testing for now?

He remarks that jobs are turning into conducting a symphony orchestra rather than just about playing a single instrument.

Jade agrees, and also adds that people will need to be able to take information and consolidate it into meaningful actions. Collaboration is going to a whole other level in the future.


Tune in to hear more, as well as what William has to say when Aman and Jade each ask him their question:

“What will the HR Tech Industry need to do both more and less of in the future?”

Listening time: 6 minutes


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