What are the seven traits that make a great sourcer?

Here are the common traits that great sourcers share.

Number one: Technology Savviness.

Number two: Curiosity. Insatiable, endless curiosity.

Number three: Coachable by nature

Number four: Continuous Learners. Learning, after all, involves a lot of making mistakes.

Number five: Problem and Puzzle Solvers. If you want to keep a sourcer up all night, give them a question that they can’t answer, and they’ll just work until they find it.


Want the rest? You’ll have to hear it straight from the source.

Tune in now! Plus, if you missed last week, Shally’s podcast on How to Grow the Efficiency of Your Recruiting and Sourcing Process can be found here!


I build enterprise recruiting engines through training/education, consulting, and operational support for midsize and larger corporations and staffing/recruiting agencies helping them efficiently find unfindable talent. I partner with Recruiters and Sourcers, from the most seasoned to entry level empowering them with innovative strategies and techniques to adapt to today's ever changing global market.


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