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Talent Acquisition Leaders, we’re looking at you.

CEO’s, Founders & Co-Founders, listen closely.

Jerome SmartRecruitersI took a virtual seat with Jerome Ternynck, Founder & CEO of SmartRecruiters to: 1) discuss Hiring Successand 2) track the movements of SmartRecruiters during the COVID crisis.

What did I learn from this?  TA Leaders can leverage this critical moment in time to elevate hiring success.

He has advice and insight on how to do that.  And this was all born from years of working the grind of TA.


Jerome’s been thinking. A lot.

As we all know, SmartRecruiters has created a presence for themselves on the TA conference front.  Jerome’s mission?  Uplift the recruiting function & eliminate unemployment, both of which we all know are noble, not-so-easy feats.

As it turns out, in addition to an ability to throw hundreds of people into one room at one time, he’s been hiding a novel that would outline how to achieve both of these things and create the capability for TA leaders to hire the best talent on demand.

This is a really good time to check it out.



COVID-19 is Not a Layoff Moment

Some of us are blessed with time during this crisis.  I wish I could say that for everyone right now, and it’s heartwrenching not to be able to.  But for TA Leaders who were so desperately lacking time in the past and have suddenly found it, this period can be utilized to invest in your industry.

GEM Recruiting AI

If you have space, leverage it.  “Be a driving, positive force for your market,” words Jerome doesn’t use lightly.

Be the same for your employees, for your customers, for your suppliers & partners.  For the world.  Because you can.


What else?

Aptitude hiring, SmartRecruiters free certification classes available across the board, and rethinking how we do things from a people perspective only touches the surface.

You have to listen to the full podcast to get the big picture.  Enjoy.




Playing Time:  49 Minutes

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