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HireVue – 2021 Hiring Trends with Kevin Parker

Today I have Kevin Parker of HireVue here to chat.  We’re discussing 2021 Hiring Trends, a topic we should all be up-to-date on.  This is great conversation, tune into to learn where your job is taking you in the next year.

Listening Time: 23 Minutes

About Kevin & HireVue

Kevin Parker is not only Chairman & CEO at HireVue, he was a Co-Founder and Senior Operating Principal of Bridge Growth Partners. He also serves as Chairman of Salient CRGT, a Bridge Growth Partners portfolio company.

Kevin is a recognized corporate leader in tech, particularly in the information solutions and software sectors.

HireVue is a platform created to improve the way companies discover, hire, and develop talent.  In essence, it combines video interviewing with predictive, validated IO science and artificial intelligence (AI) to make hiring…simple.  We all like simple.  So please check them out.


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William Tincup

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