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Asana – Inclusion vs Equality with Sonja Gittens Ottley

Today’s episode dives into one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of maintaining a healthy and thriving environment for employees.  Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  We are hitting all of the intricate touchpoints, pre- and during-COVID, culture, inclusive behaviors, being “real,” and more.



Our guest today brings a solid game to the table, which is no surprise.  Sonja Gittens Ottley is Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Asana – a top-notch work management tool that allows your teams to work together, better.  Check them out.  

In essence, maneuvering the art of working together is what she does. And that is exactly why she should be leading a discussion just like this one.


Conversation Highlights:

How do we foster company culture in the midst of COVID-19?  Obviously, this is a struggle, as we are working remotely, initial employee introductions into the company are not standard, and the need for Inclusion is at its height as we juggle maintaining quality of life in an environment many of our jobs were not initially designed for.

How does Sonja define “Healthy Culture?”  And when speaking on embracing “realness,” how can a company avoid conflict between two “reals” that may not see eye-to-eye?

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And perhaps the most vulnerable area of our discussion: why are people hung up on Equality?

There’s a lot more to learn from this session, but you’ll have to hit play on the podcast. 

This was a fantastic, valuable, enjoyable discussion that I’m grateful to have had with Sonja.  Listen up, and let us know your thoughts.




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