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Lane Sutton is a Marketing and Employer Branding consultant who has worked for HubSpot, Sprinklr and TripAdvisor.  He has astounded audiences at SXSW and TedX and been featured in the Wall Street Journal and Huffington Post.  Impressive, right?  It gets so much better…Lane is only 19 and is a Freshman at Suffolk University!

Lane started as a social media marketing consultant at age 11 helping seasoned professionals understand how to find their voice on social.  He stumbled on Employer Branding and immediately saw how transferable his marketing skills are to the field.   Lane’s perspective is incredibly well-rounded and is rich with insight into where Employer Branding is headed.

In this episode of Resonate you will hear:

  • Why he chose to study Marketing
  • His thoughts as to why Employer Branding is about 10 years behind Marketing
  • How he got his job at Sprinklr through a Twitter encounter
  • Why a transparent culture is attractive and a critical component to every Employer Brand
  • How Venture firms can use pros trained in Employer Branding (ya, he’s worked for one of those too)
  • His success in using email campaigns for recruiting at Sprinklr

Heard in this podcast:

Jason Seiden Square

Jason Seiden, CEO & Cofounder, Brand Amper. Jason’s a storyteller. He launched Brand Amper, a brand management platform for recruiting, based on 20 years experience solving leadership and communications challenges for Fortune 500 executives and their employees.
Twitter: @Seiden


Lane Sutton,
 is a marketing and employer branding consultant and a freshman studying marketing at Suffolk University.

He worked at HubSpot on the campaigns and social media marketing team. Using his marketing background, he built up an employer brand strategy and presence at Sprinklr and developed employer brand content and strategy at TripAdvisor. Lane has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, Inc., FOX Business, Huffington Post, and many other publications.

Twitter: @LaneSutton


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