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“Do what you love?” Yes, please! If *anyone* understands how Employer Branding can help people get the “right job for them and the company,” it’s Bryan Chaney. As Director of Employer Brand, Bryan is responsible for attracting talent to the world’s #1 job site: (Pressure, much?!) In this episode, Bryan waxes poetic about the importance of Employer Brand on everything from his personal job search experience to how Indeed is re-imagining the job description.

In this episode of Resonate you will hear:

  • Why Employer Branding is particularly important today, and will only grow in importance moving forward.
  • Why a company’s Employer Brand is way more than what the executive team approves for the About Page on the company’s official website.
  • How job candidates *actually* experience an Employer Brand, and what this means for how companies interact with both employees and prospective candidates.
  • Job descriptions: how a simple soup can label metaphor will help you attract much better talent.
  • How you can use your company’s Employer Brand to tell your *own* story more efficiently.
  • Bonus: learn about resources put together by Bryan’s community of cutting edge Employer Brand leaders you can join to get support along your own journey.

Heard in this podcast:

Jason Seiden Square

Jason Seiden, CEO & Cofounder, Brand Amper. Jason’s a storyteller. He launched Brand Amper, a brand management platform for recruiting, based on 20 years experience solving leadership and communications challenges for Fortune 500 executives and their employees.
Twitter: @Seiden


Bryan ChaneyBryan Chaney,
 Director, Employer Brand, Indeed. Bryan has worked in recruitment, technology, and marketing, providing him insights into the marketing of hiring, the importance of technology and the buying process that candidates make when applying for jobs. He’s an international speaker and trainer on the topic of recruitment and talent branding and loves to travel.

Twitter: @BryanChaney


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