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#HRTX Virtual: Sourcing & Recruiting for Sourcers & Recruiters

#HRTX Virtual
#HRTX Virtual: Sourcing & Recruiting for Sourcers & Recruiters

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Welcome to #HRTX Virtual March

HRTX Virtual March is a two day training event all about sourcing and recruiting sourcers and recruiters. An entire training event dedicated to helping you find & hire folks like you.


This event is about finding AND hiring.

We’ll have two trainers simultaneously source for each position. As the event is both finding and hiring, we’ll see how 24 of the world’s best sourcers do what they do.

In particular, how they “actually” work a req; problem solve, create intake Q&A, the tools they use, their communication strategies, and whittle down a list of potentials to a diverse and qualified shortlist of candidates.


Download the Job Descriptions Here:

  1. Campus Recruiter (University Relations) (PDF)
  2. Junior Sourcer (0-3 years of experience) (PDF)
  3. Diversity Recruiter (PDF)
  4. Technical Recruiter (PDF)
  5. Senior Sourcer (4-7 years of experience) (PDF)
  6. Recruiting Operations Specialist (PDF)
  7. Recruitment Marketing Specialist (PDF)
  8. TA Technology Specialist (PDF)
  9. Director of Recruiting (4-7 years of experience) (PDF)
  10. Director of People Operations (PDF)
  11. Head of Sourcing (8+ years of experience) (PDF)
  12. Head of Talent Acquisition (8+ years of experience) (PDF)

Grab the PDFs above or all 12 at once! (ZIP file)


But wait, there’s more.

After they source a particular position, they’ll role-play with one of their peers. You’ll learn how they recruit, how they listen, and how they talk about the position.

They’ve found the talent; now we’ll get to see how they move a candidate from found to interested.

Each trainer will play the role of both recruiter and candidate.

One of our fancy moderators will moderate the role-play and subsequent Q&A that results from those sessions.

And like true voyeurs, we’ll get to watch the entire process unfold in front of us.

Sourcers and recruiters finding and recruiting sourcers and recruiters. 


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Course Curriculum


Let’s Get This Party Started with Shally Steckerl – Day 1

#HRTX March Day 1: Kickoff Shally Steckerl gets Day 1 of March #HRTX started! This is just the beginning of an exciting days worth of learning!


Finding Diamonds of Hidden Talent with Eric Jaquith

#HRTX Day 1 Almost every recruiter has a LinkedIn profile, so what can you do to gain a competitive advantage in the search for talent? In this session, Eric Jaquith... Read more


How to scale your recruiting team with an AI Virtual Recruiter with Leslie Loo

#HRTX Day 1 Can’t hire strong sourcers and recruiters fast enough to meet your growth goals? Learn how to leverage AI-enabled Virtual Recruiters to fill in the talent gap and... Read more


The ATS is dead: What’s next in holistic talent management? with Spencer Liu

#HRTX Day 1 Applicant tracking systems are so 1990’s and their time has come. Learn how to move into the future and go from a transactional data relationship to a... Read more


3 Key Themes to Connecting with Untapped Talent with Phil Ross

#HRTX Day 1 In today’s hiring and social climate, it’s imperative that organizations build diverse teams if they hope to remain competitive in the ever-changing markets in which they operate.... Read more


Campus Recruiting with Pete Radloff

#HRTX Day 1 Pete Radloff goes over the sourcing and qualifying process of being an effective Campus Recruiter


Campus Recruiting with Mike Wolford

#HRTX Day 1 Mike Wolford gives the expert rundown on Campus Recruiting workflow


Campus Recruiting Inteview Roleplay with Pete Radloff, Mike Wolford, and Brian Fink

#HRTX Day 1 Campus Recruiter Interview Roleplay w/Pete Radloff & Mike Wolford & Moderated Q&A by Brian Fink


Diversity Recruiting with Kevin Walters

#HRTX Day 1 Kevin Walters teaches the sourcing and qualifying process on being an effective Diversity Recruiter


Diversity Recruiting with Jonathan Kidder

#HRTX Day 1 < Diversity Recruiter Jonathan Kidder shares his know-how on how to be effective in this industry


Diversity Recruiting Role-Play with Kevin Walters, Jonathan Kidder, and Craig Fisher

#HRTX Day 1 Diversity Recruiter w/Kevin Walters & Jonathan Kidder & Moderated Q&A by Craig Fisher


Senior Sourcing with Steve Levy

#HRTX Day 1 Senior Sourcer Steve Levy teaches best practices in his role


Senior Sourcing with Bret Feig

#HRTX Day 1 Senior Sourcer Bret Feig showcases his insider workflow


Senior Sourcing Role-Play with Steve Levy, Bret Feig, and Brian Fink

#HRTX Day 1 Senior Sourcer w/Steve Levy & Bret Feig & Moderated Q&A by Brian Fink


Junior Sourcing with Shawna Lawson-Flintroy

#HRTX Day 1 Junior Sourcing with Shawna Lawson-Flintroy


Junior Sourcing with Dean Da Costa

#HRTX Day 1 While definitely not a Junior Sourcer, Dean Da Costa shares his tools and skillsets that separate him from the rest of the industry


Junior Sourcing Role-Play with Shawna Lawson-Flintroy, Dean Da Costa, and Mike “Batman” Cohen

#HRTX Day 1 Junior Sourcer w/Shawna Lawson-Flintroy & Dean Da Costa & Moderated Q&A by Batman (Mike Cohen)


Technical Recruiting with Junius Currier

#HRTX Day 1 Technical Recruiter Junius Currier shows off the insider techniques that make him a killer Sourcer


Technical Recruiting with Jenna Aronow

#HRTX Day 1 Jenna Aronow teaches vital Technical Recruiting techniques and skills needed to keep pace with this rapidly changing industry


Technical Recruiter role-play with Junius Currier, Jenna Aronow, Mike “Batman” Cohen

#HRTX Day 1 Technical Recruiter role-play w/Junius Currier & Jenna Aronow & Moderated Q&A by Batman


Recruiting Operations Specialist Steve Rawlings

#HRTX Day 1 Recruiting Operations Specialist Steve Rawlings shows off his insider techniques that optimizes his searches and puts him ahead of the game


Recruiting Operations Specialist with Vanessa Raath

#HRTX Day 1 Recruiting Operations Specialist Vanessa Raath shows off her unique position and the workflow associated with it


Recruiting Operations Specialist role-play with Steven Rawlings, Vanessa Raath and Mike “Batman” Cohen

#HRTX Day 1 Recruiting Operations Specialist w/Steve Rawlings & Vanessa Raath & Moderated Q&A by Batman


Day 1 Closing Thoughts with Fink, Cohen, Tincup, Fisher, and Steckerl

#HRTX Day 1 “Moderating the Moderators” with Brian Fink, Mike “Batman” Cohen; William Tincup, and Craig Fisher These titans of industry reflect on the entirety of #HRTX day 1, noting... Read more

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#HRTX Virtual


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