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Date September 28, 2021 2:00 pm ET
Duration 60 minutes
Location Zoom
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With a massive reshuffling of talent in the wake of the pandemic, there is a real opportunity to transform your workplace. In response, many companies have set ambitious goals to address diversity.

This often leaves sourcers and recruiters tasked with the responsibility to achieve them. Yet, many will still fail.


Well, there’s a little human trait called bias. Unconscious bias, hidden bias, implicit bias: we all have them.

They are a product of human nature. But our biases affect our behavior and choices. If left unchecked, those small, unnoticed choices impact who can see themselves thriving at your company.

That’s not all…

Starting next year, publicly traded companies will be required to report statistics about their Board members – including self-identified gender and racial characteristics and self-identification as LGBTQ+.

We’re going to see the best organizations start leading and setting the bar for everyone else to follow. Don’t be left behind.

In this webinar, Textio VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI Jackye Clayton will detail how to cut unconscious bias from your sourcing strategies, and the technology, tools, and practices to reach your targets.


On September 28th, you’ll learn:

  • How to recognize different types of biases and make more informed sourcing decisions
  • The relationship between unconscious bias, diversity and inclusion and preventing discrimination
  • How to source and assess candidates based on data.

You’ll come away with the skills to diversify your pipeline, and make your evaluation process more inclusive.

Presented By
Jackye Clayton
VP of Talent Acquisition and DEI Textio

With acclaimed expertise in diversity and inclusion, recruitment technology, and a global network of non-profit, human resource, and recruiting professionals, Jackye Clayton is a servant leader, uniquely inspirational speaker, and revered thought leader.

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