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HRTX Masterclass: Google Sheets Intensive Training

Michael Cohen
HRTX Masterclass: Google Sheets Intensive Training

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4+ Hour Beginner to Advanced Google Sheets Training

Learn how to build reports, Boolean builders, and automate data aggregation.

Course Curriculum


Google Sheets Part One

Part One: 2 hours


Google Sheets Part Two

Part Two: 1.5 hours


Google Sheets Part Three

Part Three: 1 hour

Meet Your Instructor


Michael Cohen


Mike “Batman” Cohen is the Founder of Wayne Technologies, a Sourcing-on-Demand and Recruitment Training Organization. Wayne Technologies On-Demand Sourcing is a revolutionary approach that provides the most actionable data available, is based on deliverables – not time, and is based on access to more recruitment tooling than any organization worldwide.


The energy of Batman was just great! Very dynamic training!


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