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RecruitingDaily’s guest posts are intended to showcase your thought leadership and provide helpful information for our readers. They allow you to share your expertise or views on important issues facing the talent acquisition community. With more than 100,000 professionals in our network, your voice will surely be heard.

Please Note: Guest posts are subject to editorial review, and we cannot publish articles with a sales overtone or marketing slant. Submissions that do not meet requirements will not be accepted for publication.

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RecruitingDaily receives a high volume of submissions each day. We strive to provide quick turnaround times, with most articles reviewed within 5 business days of submission. New authors should expect somewhat longer turnaround times. We typically publish within ten days, depending on our publication schedule.

Submission Guidelines and Agreement

Here’s what we look for in deciding whether or not to publish a submission: 

  • Talent Acquisition oriented: Write about sourcing, recruiting and hiring best practices, tips and tricks or themes that are actionable for those within talent acquisition. We do not publish general Human Resources or career articles.

  • High quality: Posts should contain high-quality opinion and analysis. Content should be engaging, well-presented and actionable. Posts must include relevant and timely information that could help a reader.

  • Originality: We prefer posts to be original. Content must be original, not plagiarized, and use proper citations for quoted works. If you are writing about well-covered issues or topics, bring a new perspective that others may have missed.

  • Optimized: Search engines play a role as well. We look to incorporate internal and external links. Please try to include at least one link to another article from RecruitingDaily related to your content and at least one link to a reputable source (E.g., Forbes, SHRM, etc.) Ensure you have at least 2-3 subheadings throughout the article. Our editors can assist if you need clarification regarding links or structure.

  • No promotional content: We do not allow promotional content of any sort within articles. Posts cannot include marketing pitches or links to products or demos, services or promotions. “Vendor-neutral” is the phrase to bear in mind. Please get in touch with our Sales team if you wish to submit sponsored content.

  • Compelling title: Your title should reflect the article’s content and entice readers to read the post. It should be brief and incorporate a keyword phrase. Articles that don’t deliver on the title’s promise will be declined.

  • Proofread: All articles must be proofread before submission and be free of grammatical or spelling mistakes to the best of your ability.

We work diligently to select the best articles submitted for consideration consistently. However, the selection of posts can be highly discretionary and be impacted by many factors, including the topic’s timeliness and the number of posts addressing similar themes. We strive to work closely with contributors whenever possible to ensure publication and optimization through open and constructive dialogue. 

By submitting your content to RecruitingDaily, you’re agreeing to the following:

  • RecruitingDaily has exclusivity rights to the content submitted. Submissions cannot be reposted onto other publications until after it is published on and must have different headlines and subheadings. However, we encourage you to re-publish to your blog and LinkedIn with the updated headline and subheadings. 

  • You have copyright permission to use any media embedded in the post.

If you have any additional questions about becoming a contributor, please email [email protected], and we’d be happy to assist you.

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Understanding RecruitingDaily

Our Audience

Our readers are interested in all aspects of recruiting and talent acquisition. They are sourcers, recruitment marketers, recruiters, hiring managers, staffing agencies, RPOs, executive search firms and HR leaders. These practitioners do the job daily and are busy people with big jobs.  Our goal is to make their job easier by providing helpful tips and tricks to improve their workflow, saving them time and effort. Our coverage examines everything from strategic sourcing to candidate experience. 101-level content doesn’t fair well with our audience, so make sure you dig deeper within your subject matter.

Our Voice

  • Tone of Voice: Content should be informational, educational, entertaining and insightful.

  • Thought Leadership: Your opinion as a practitioner matters. We encourage writers to discuss major problems, rising trends and innovative ideas that affect the hiring industry. We’ve got you covered if you need to take a position and stand tall. That said, be respectful. Push the envelope, but don’t burn it.

  • Data Forward: Back up your position with data from reputable researchers when possible. And make sure to attribute that source within your content.

  • Problem Solving: Stating the issues is not enough. Please offer a solution if your piece is focused on pointing out an industry problem.

Sound good?! We thought so. Submit your content today!