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Guest Columns

RecruitingDaily Guest Content

RecruitingDaily’s guest columns are intended to showcase your thought leadership and provide useful information for our readers. They provide an opportunity to share your expertise or views on important issues facing the talent acquisition community. With more than 100,000 professionals in our network, your voice is sure to be heard. 

Our goal is to highlight a range of perspectives about relevant issues. It’s a big job, and we can’t do it ourselves. We need you. As long as your article involves some aspect of Talent Acquisition, we want to see it.

Please Note: Guest articles are subject to editorial review, and we cannot publish articles that have a sales overtone or marketing slant. With the exceptions noted below, columns cannot include marketing pitches or links to products or demos, services or promotions. “Vendor-neutral” is the phrase to bear in mind.

Submissions that do not meet requirements may not be accepted for publication.

General Submission Guidelines

Our Audience

Our readers are interested in all aspects of recruiting and talent acquisition. They are sourcers, recruitment marketers, recruiters, hiring managers, staffing agencies, RPOs, executive search firms and HR leaders. 

Basically, people that care about hiring.

These are practitioners doing the job on a day-to-day basis, and are busy people with a big job. Building teams, training them, hiring, sourcing, and placing new people in new work. That is the focus and attention of folks in hiring every single day. 

Our readers are smart. We try to steer away from basic, 101 level content. Our goal is to make their job easier by providing helpful tips & tricks to improve their workflow, save time or effort.

We also like to provide a bit of entertainment where appropriate.

So, our coverage examines everything from strategic sourcing to candidate experience. It does not include general HR or career topics. 

Our Voice

  • Thought Leadership: Your opinion as a practitioner matters. We encourage writers to discuss major problems, rising trends, and innovative ideas that affect the hiring industry. If you need to take a position and stand tall, we’ve got you covered. That said; be respectful. Push the envelope, but don’t burn it.
  • We like Data: Back up your position with data from reputable researchers when possible.
  • Problem Solving: If your piece is focused on pointing out an industry problem, please offer a solution.
  • Tone: Think “Business Casual.” 

Guidelines for Submission

  • Brief but descriptive headline. Around 8 words and 65 characters (including spaces.)
  • Your headline should incorporate a keyword phrase.
  • No promotional submissions. Content should be informational, educational, entertaining, insightful or procedural.
  • Between 750 and 1,500 words, written in AP style.
  • We prefer posts to be original. If yours has been previously published, please let us know at the start.
  • Content should center around your keyword phrase.
  • Include 3-5 subheadings.
  • Please include at least one link to another article or news post here on RecruitingDaily that relates to your content. Our editors can assist if you are unsure what post to choose.
  • Include at lease one link to an outside source (a news article, blog post, podcast, whitepaper, etc.)
  • Include a post summary of 150-160 characters that includes the article’s keyword phrase and any alternate keywords.

Please Include the Following

  • Article (Word or Google Doc) with a Headline.
  • Post Summary
  • Author Biography: Please provide a one- or two-sentence biography. This can include one link to the author’s social media or web presence. The biography will appear at the end of each article so that our audience can learn about the author, their background and expertise. The biography should also contain a one- or two-sentence company description to help readers learn more about your organization. The first sentence should be a brief description of the company and its mission, and can include a link to the company website or landing page. A link to one product or demo can also be included. In total, the biography and company description should run about 65 – 80 words.
  • Author Headshot: Please include a head shot of the author. The image should be in web-ready format (72 DPI) and at least 300 pixels wide. The photo will appear within the column and may be used elsewhere on the website.
  • Image/Media: RecruitingDaily’s editors will select stock photography to go along with your column. However, if you have an image in mind please include it with your submission. Our standard image size is 900 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Feel free to submit larger images, and we will crop and re-size them as necessary. You may also embed other appropriate media such as GIFs and video. Please provide the link to the GIF or video and our editorial team will embed the media.
  • Your contact info (for internal use.)

We do not Accept

  • Backlink requests for previously published articles.
  • Promotional guest content (Please reach out to our Sales team if you wish to submit sponsored content.)

Contributor Agreement

By submitting your content to RecruitingDaily you’re agreeing to the following:

  • RecruitingDaily has exclusivity rights to the content being submitted. Submitted content cannot be reposted onto other publications until after it is published on and must have different headlines and subheadings. However, we do encourage you to re-publish to your own blog and LinkedIn with the different headline and subheadings. Three bites of the same apple.
  • That you have copyright permission to use any media embedded in the post.
  • The content is original and not plagiarized, and uses proper citations for works quoted.

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