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Use Case Podcast: Live at SHRM '22

William Tincup, RecruitingDaily

with William Tincup

Use Case Podcast with William Tincup: Live at SHRM 22

In this series recorded live at SHRM ’22, William Tincup speaks with guests about the business case or use case of their company.

Andy Sharpe, Founder & CEO of SongDivision

Andy Sharpe founded SongDivision in 2003, believing that life, business and events are better with music. He leads a team of world-class musicians and facilitators, working with the largest brands and multinationals to communicate key messages and build corporate culture through music. 

SongDivision was founded with the mission to create bonded teams of engaged people. 

Diane Haines, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Mineral

William sits down with Diane Haines to discuss Mineral, the HR and compliance leader for growing businesses. With proactive solutions, they help take the guesswork out of HR and compliance, driving innovation and personalized guidance through a combination of data, technology, and human expertise – to give clients peace of mind. 

François Fortier, CEO of Applauz

François Fortier and William discuss Applauz, a company committed to helping organizations grow happiness, gratitude, and appreciation within their cultures. By applying the best employee engagement practices, the Applauz product evolves continuously to support human connections. When we combine the right people, skills, and passions, we start to see great things happen!

Hope Del Santo, Head of Marketing FreshlyWell at Freshly

Hope Del Santo and William discuss the B2B division of Freshly. With a mission to break down the barriers to healthy eating, Freshly delivers effortless nourishment that works for real life. FreshlyWell is a continuation of that vision—a dedicated arm of Freshly that’s tailored to holistic wellness & nourishment, at scale. Designed specifically for employers, organizations, and member communities of all shapes and sizes, our affordable & healthy meal delivery service has flexibility at its foundation.

Jeff McAdam, Creative Services Director at Tootris

William and Jeff McAdam discuss Tootris. Jeff is an Emmy-winning journalist striving to improve Child Care availability and affordability and is the creative services director for TOOTRiS.

TOOTRiS is the most well-rounded Child Care search engine around and it benefits three types of people: parents, Child Care providers, and business owners. With a few clicks of a mouse, parents can find a daycare near them that meets a number of their specific preferences (i.e. language, special care, holiday hours).

Jeff McAdam Tootris SHRM22

Neil Ratsutsky, Senior Strategy Advisor at Brio Benefits

Neil Ratsutsky and William discuss how Brio Benefit Consulting helps the country’s leading employers attract and retain top talent while maximizing spend outcomes with employee benefits through implementation of KPIs. 

Ravi Swaminathan, Founder and CEO of TaskHuman

Ravi Swaminathan is wildly passionate about creating products that have social impact. TaskHuman is a mobile app built to amplify your daily work and personal life by offering one-on-one video sessions with live wellness coaches.  The app focuses on all aspects of wellbeing including physical, mental, emotional and more with human connection at the foundation of every interaction.

Stuart Pool, SVP of B2B Sales and Business Development at FitOn

Stuart Poole and William discuss FitOn, a fitness and healthcare wellness platform made for the hybrid workforce, focused on making preventative health accessible to everyone. 

Chandan Golla, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Included

William speaks to Chandan Golla of Included.ai, a first-of-its-kind DEI tech solution using AI to operationalize and scale enterprise DEI. Included aims to create a future where companies design their recruiting, retention and promotion strategies centered on the experiences of diverse and historically underrepresented employees. 

DeCoffette Ward, Director of Training at Sherpa Executive Coaching

DeCoffette Ward is a Master Executive Coach, author, educator, and Talent Manager with Sherpa Coaching, an organization that helps companies get the most out of their talent with process-driven coaching endorsed by major universities. They have programs to help employees from the top all the way to the lowest level to identify gaps and coach on how to refine leadership and communication skills. 

DeCoffette Ward Sherpa Coaching

Darrin Murriner, Co-Founder and CEO of Cloverleaf

Darrin Murriner of Cloverleaf sits with William to discuss closing $9 million in Series A funding. Cloverleaf is an automated coaching program built to help people do their best work. It is a comprehensive personal and team development tool built to integrate with the tools employees use everyday such as email, calendars and Slack to provide customized coaching content that improves performance.

Jess Dodge, Chief Growth Officer of Globalization Partners

William sits with Jess Dodge to talk about how Globalization Partners helps build global remote teams. Their AI-driven global employment platform simplifies and automates payroll, time and expense management, benefits, data and reporting, performance management, employee status changes, locally compliant contract generation and more.

Use Case live at SHRM '22

Julie Lombardo, VP of Customer Success at Hireology

Julie Lombardo and William discuss Hireology, an all in one ATS solution and people-first recruiting and HR platform. With a focus on automotive, healthcare, hospitality and professional services, applicants and hiring managers can do everything in the hiring process through their mobile device.

Kimball Parker, CEO of SixFifty

Kimball Parker and William discuss how SixFifty helps automate the creation and compliance of any legal documents needed throughout the employment process. The subscription solution is an easy and affordable way to ensure legal compliance for businesses of any size.

Liam Apperley, Senior Manager of Client Services at MLink

William and Liam Apperley of MLink Technologies, a digital content creation solution that offers eLearning, micro learning, adaptive learning, and on-demand courses in a cost-effective solution.

Mike Schaefer, Senior Vice President of Sales at FactoryFix

Mike Schaefer and William talk about how FactoryFix helps manufacturing companies get access to candidates for open jobs from production through skilled and salaried roles. This platform has a network of vetted candidates with profiles catering to their manufacturing experience as well as screening technology to assist and facilitate hiring.

Pankaj “Romy” Malviya, Head of Business Development at Pulpstream

William and Romy Malviya discuss no-code and how Pulpstream helps companies streamline processes with their process automation platform. This no-code platform helps automate processes around HR, safety, and risk. No-code gives power to run processes how you want without the need to write any code.

Walker Morrow, Product Manager at iSolved

Walker Morrow of iSolved and William talk about all things employee experience, benefits and social responsibility at SHRM 22. Walker is the founder and COO of Givful, which was acquired by iSolved in 2021 and has been integrated into their HCM platform to facilitate workplace giving, volunteerism and grants management.

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