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Live at SHRM 22

William Tincup, RecruitingDaily

with William Tincup

Live at SHRM 22

In this series recorded live at SHRM ’22, William Tincup speaks with some of the best minds in HR and business about pressing workplace topics.

Employee Experience Trends with Benjamin Granger of Qualtrics

Ben Granger, Chief Workplace Psychologist and Head of EX Advisory Services at Qualtrics returns to the podcast to discuss employee experience trends with William and what he’s seeing from a data perspective.  

CJ Gross, Founder and CEO of Ascension Worldwide

William talks to CJ Gross, Founder of Ascension Worldwide about his book “What’s Your Zip Code Story?” Shedding light on class division, the book offers solutions to class bias in the workplace by analyzing real experiences, social norms, education, wealth, and more. 

Ascension Worldwide is a diversity equity and inclusion company that provides leadership development and training assessments, strategy sessions and eLearning around DEI. The firm is committed to helping clients achieve workplace inclusion, employee, and client diversity. 

Benefits Experience in 2022 with Dan Murdoch, Chief Marketing Officer at Nayaa

Dan Murdoch of Nayaa sits down with William to discuss how benefits are at the epicenter of the employee experience.  The focus on employee experience is more important than ever in the wake of the Great Resignation and the financial turbulence that everyone is experiencing at this moment.

Heidi Sirota, President and Chief Pet Officer at Nationwide Pet Insurance

William sits down with Heidi Sirota and Melissa Lovely of Nationwide Pet Insurance. Pet insurance can protect you from financial distress especially in the event of chronic or emergency care. The idea around pet insurance is that it enables people to afford the unexpected expenses that can often arise with pet ownership. 

Jarryd Rutter, HR Coach at Paychex

Jarryd Rutter of Paychex discusses the Paychex experience at SHRM and some of the innovative things that the company is doing. Comp is a big topic right now, especially with the rise of inflation. Finding ways to incorporate flexibility and increase work life balance can help boost value when pay increases are not within budget. Paychex offers simple HR, benefits and payroll solutions to small and medium sized businesses in the US and Europe.

Karen Loiterstein, Vertical Marketing Leader at Equifax Workforce Solutions

Karen Loiterstein of Equifax Workforce Solutions sits down with William to discuss offboarding. Equifax provides services and solutions that help companies with HR compliance and the employee lifecycle. Why is offboarding top of mind? Equifax is launching a first of its’ kind solution for employers to help offboard separated employees. 

Kevin Halladay-Glynn, Lead Product Manager at CareerArc

Kevin Halladay-Glynn of CareerArc, and William discuss the impact of social recruiting and the experience at SHRM22. They dig into the dos and don’ts of attending a TA Conference and how to get the most out of an event. CareerArc helps you boost your employer brand and reach through automation to attract and hire talent.

Gratitude at Work with Melissa Mills McLoota, Director of People and Culture of Sugarwish

Melissa Mills McLoota of Sugarwish and William discuss gratitude at work. We spend the majority of our waking hours at work, and the best way for people to feel connected and happy at work is rooted in gratitude. Sugarwish is a Denver based company that offers fun and enthusiastic gifts where the recipient gets to choose from a selection in their catalog.

Nick Schacht, Chief of Strategy and Chief Global Development Officer at SHRM

Nick Schacht of SHRM sits down with William to go through what he’s been doing for SHRM and about the conference. Starting his career at SHRM at the conference 5 years ago, he leads the teams responsible for strategy and development, all of SHRM’s educational products and services, B2B sales, eCommerce and merchandising, book publishing, and more. Nick and SHRM are focused on how to transform and help organizations transform to build a better world of work.

Employee Experience in a Hybrid World with Shari Simpson of Paylocity

Shari Simpson, Senior Manager Thought Leadership at Paylocity is a speaker and podcast host herself, and has over 15 years in the HR space. Shari sits down with William Tincup at SHRM22 to discuss employee experience in a hybrid world, and how you have to delight your employees with flexibility, the right kind of technology, and authenticity. 

First Time Managers in a Remote-First Environment with Srikant Chellappa of Engagedly

Srikant Chellappa, Co-founder and President of Engagedly sits down with William at SHRM22 to discuss how to make first time managers better in a remote first environment. Engagedly is a people enablement platform for the digital generation, offering ways to level up your work force with learning and development and employee engagement solutions. Remote first creates a challenge to new managers because there is not as much opportunity to learn and grow by observation in a face to face environment. 

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