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But only if you let it. 

Face it, getting attention at HR Tech is a rewarding (but thankless and kick you in the ass) job. The suffering is real trying to stand out.

But it doesn’t have to be! Our dream team broke it down:

Kate Achille dropped knowledge on:

  • Next-level pre-event hype techniques to create major buzz
  • Booth brilliance strategies to attract the right peeps
  • Capturing buyer intent through giveaways and gamification

William Tincup kept it real on:

  • Truly differentiating from the competitor noise
  • Having a clear purpose (and getting your team aligned)
  • The critical importance of relationship building

Ryan Leary got creative on:

  • Thinking beyond the expo floor for unique engagement
  • Proactive meeting scheduling to maximize facetime
  • Continuing the conversation with follow up long after

The bottom line? HR Tech is as much about the people as the tech. Use it to connect and build relationships that deliver.

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Who's Talking?

Kate Achille

Managing Partner, The Devon Group

William Tincup

President, RecruitingDaily

William Tincup, RecruitingDaily
Ryan Leary

CMO, RecruitingDaily

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