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Ready to Level Up Your Sourcing?

In this free training session, learn to use core Boolean search techniques effectively and efficiently so you can find and attract top talent! 

Source like an Expert

Sourcing 101 for Beginners

Learn Boolean operators, modifiers, search characters, and search commands!

Go Beyond Google Search

Explore alternative search engines to find comprehensive and different results.

Build Your Keywords

Identify sources to build keywords that enhance and boost your search results.

Social Media Research

Dive deep into multiple social networks to find and understand who your candidates are.

A Boolean Search (Party)

This session with Brian Fink will teach you the foundations of Boolean for sourcing and recruiting. 

Not in sourcing? This session is for anyone who wants to transform their talent acquisition capabilities and hiring efforts with more efficient and effective searches.

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Learn About Google Dorks

Not that kind of dork! Google Dorks come in two forms: Simple dorks and complex dorks. You'll learn common operators and what they each are for.

intro to boolean candidate search 101

Dive into Natural language search

Natural Language imitates how a candidate might talk about themselves. Use natural language to search, e.g. "I am a Java architect." Add your dorks and voila!

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Learn How to Find Free resumes

Put your dorks together and find candidate resumes based on your keywords, location and skill sets.

New Places to Find Talent?

Tired of sourcing your candidates on LinkedIn, only to find out that they’ve been contacted by dozens of other recruiters before you?


We’ll get into new places to find talent. Oh and a little about how to get past the LinkedIn paywall too. 

Learn to source like an expert with this session!

Your instructor

Brian Fink is a Senior Technical Sourcer at Twitter. He is obsessed with all things sourcing and recruiting and focuses on attracting open-source technologists who want to build the future.

Brian Fink the party king
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Get Better at Finding Candidates

Whether you’re a beginner or not, learn to use Boolean to quickly locate the candidates you’re looking for.