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If used correctly, Google can be a great tool for recruiters. Now you’re probably thinking, “But wait… Is there a wrong way to use Google for finding prospects?”  As a… Read more

  Recruiterly: An All in One Recruitment Platform   Let’s get into a new tool that was released recently, called Recruiterly. Recruiterly is a recruitment marketplace, directory, and marketing platform that… Read more

Prophet II with the “extra special” Konami expert mode   HiringSolved released Prophet II and Prophet Pro July 2019, with some pretty amazing new updates to their search. Prophet II now… Read more

If the old group member search was a tiger, the new search is a kitty cat. When LinkedIn overhauled the groups function a few months ago, one of the features that… Read more

Flashback 6 years ago… what were you doing as a recruiter? I am still having trouble believing 6 years ago was actually just 2009. Every so often I like to… Read more

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