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Source Better and Faster with Webbtree We’ve got three questions for you: Do you want to get relevant candidate profiles based on your searches from across the web? How about… Read more

Did you know the Hiretual chrome update has an email add-on? That means you can now use Hiretual for both finding talent and getting in touch with them. The new… Read more

Recruiters talk a lot about creating efficiency in the hiring process, but few have mastered what that looks like in practice. We wouldn’t be here if you had. A quick… Read more

Every year the HR Technology Conference serves as a venue for the introduction of various new HR technology platforms, enhancements, and new features from both newcomers to the space and… Read more

“Help Wanted” Recruitment advertisement evolved from the early years of “Help Wanted” and “Vacancy Available” posters on the streets to ads in newspapers to internet ads. With the birth of… Read more

Sourcing Gets Personal We’ve all been there -sourcing for an amazing backend developer that can code circles around 19 year old Mark Zuckerberg while eating ranch Doritos in his dorm… Read more

Google has been the inspiration for many vendors in our industry. I could argue, for example, that Indeed mirrored Google’s business model and user interface to achieve their success. The… Read more

A recently launched app, tilr, hopes to make finding new employees as easy as swiping right on Tinder. It is the brainchild of Carisa Miklusak and Summer Crenshaw, both formerly… Read more

They have to pay for all those TV and radio spots somehow. ZipRecruiter, founded in 2010, is probably now best known for allowing employers to post jobs across 100+ jobs… Read more

“Your recruiting A.I.” If you visit Mya’s website, it’s hard to ignore what’s obviously going to be an overused buzzword in just about every industry under the sun, if it… Read more

“We now get over 100 applications a month from agency recruiters applying to come work for Vettery,” said Adam Goldstein, cofounder of Vettery, a New York City-based online employment marketplace… Read more

When we talk about experiences, what often pops into your mind is something magical or mythical. A vacation to a foreign land, a sci-fi book that takes place in a… Read more

Comp Genome is an app that searches your professional experience, education, skills, current and past job titles, and others to find candidates market value. This enables you to negotiate better with both… Read more

My mouth is still hanging open since meeting with Hirabl. Hirabl helps you find missing recruiting fees owed to you by clients who hired a candidate you presented but didn’t quite remember… Read more

Big data is a buzzword that is thrown around daily. But what is it and what are we supposed to do with it? Let’s get something straight – just because… Read more

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