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Source Better and Faster with Webbtree We’ve got three questions for you: Do you want to get relevant candidate profiles based on your searches from across the web? How about… Read more

Enter Work Emails and Get Personal Contact Information with Swordfish Everyone prefers personal emails over work emails. That’s because when you want to get in touch with someone, you’re far… Read more

Although it’s promoted as a prospect list builder, LeadMonkey is actually a lot more than your average prospect finder. “An all-in-one sourcing tool” is a term that best describes it…. Read more

A career in recruitment comes with an endless supply of routine tasks. Collecting CVs, processing application forms, responding to the candidates, having back and forth with the key decision-makers. We could… Read more

As you know, PreContact Tool is one of the better email finding tools out there. PreContactTool is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the contact details for a… Read more

I have a new free Chrome extension to simplify your candidate outreach. Recruiter Wand was created by Jonathan Kidder (aka the WizardSourcer). What this neat little tool does, is pulls data… Read more

  PreContact Tool now with integrated Talent Pools   PreContactTool is a Chrome extension that allows you to find the contact details for a person’s LinkedIn profile page. It works… Read more

Save time communicating with candidates using Loxo Outreach We’re talking about Loxo again. Why again? Well, because they are making it better and giving us more! Before, they were “just”… Read more

  Find email addresses with Kaspr!   We love these free Chrome Extensions, and we have another one for you to check out! This tool is called Kaspr, (yes, like the… Read more

What’s your email address reputation score?   This site is a tool by Sublime Security that provides a fast and easy way to find out an email address’s reputation score…. Read more

  Use Swordfish to help you navigate and build your pool of talent   Swordfish works as a Chrome Extension to find contact information on a wide variety of sites and… Read more

  Scan through sites and grab email addresses   Mail Dump is a Chrome Extension created by Devro Labs that easily pulls any email addresses from websites. It can work… Read more

  Recruiterflow searches LinkedIn, Facebook, Github, Twitter, StackOverflow, Dribbble   Recruiterflow was recently ranked by Software Advice as a top ATS to watch in 2018.  Great for them and for us as we go inside.  Recruiterflow uses… Read more

    HOLA CONNECT Chrome Extension The HOLA Connect Chrome extension allows you to find contact information for free. In the video, the HOLA Connect Chrome extension is downloaded quickly… Read more

    HeadReach is a people finder that helps you find decision makers easily. You can search for people by name, website or company. This video with Dean DaCosta takes… Read more

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