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You may remember that we introduced CandyJar a few months back. It’s a free Chrome extension to help you source developers by source code assessment on GitHub and integrates into… Read more

  Loxo update makes the tech a no-brainer for any workflow     Loxo is a user-friendly CRM that we are fans of here at RecruitingDaily.  It is simple to… Read more

We first talked about Loxo back in this post in 2016 as a clean ATS with modern UI and a built-in CRM that was created from the ground up for… Read more

“Help Wanted” Recruitment advertisement evolved from the early years of “Help Wanted” and “Vacancy Available” posters on the streets to ads in newspapers to internet ads. With the birth of… Read more

Originally launched as a “freemium” offering, SmartRecruiters filled a significant capability gap in an industry long dominated by expensive, Tier One offerings like Oracle, SAP or IBM. With its plug… Read more

For those of us that aren’t so tech savvy (or recruiting for tech roles), the concept of open source code isn’t a familiar one. However, I can confidently say the software… Read more

Dear Santa, I know you are busy and have many requests this year.  I only want one thing; the perfect ATS. I want a system that does the basic workflow,… Read more

Hello Talent – often the words muttered by a recruiter as the wake up and stretch each morning. You’re a recruiter and you work hard. You have clients that love… Read more

A few weeks ago I promised a story about Lever, and why they should be used when you take hiring seriously. Today, in my ATS review, I will talk about… Read more

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One of the best moments ever of the Oscars, was a 1984 acceptance speech given by actress Sally Field when she said, “The first time I didn’t feel it, but… Read more

EDITORS NOTE: I was inspired to write this based after sitting on so many bad demos I wanted to cry.  I sat through the iCIMS demo and was surprised about how… Read more

What is Recruitee? To cut to the chase, Recruitee is the best Applicant Tracking System I have tested this year so far. You ever try a product and think, “They… Read more

This tool is niiiiiiccccceee. That is the best word I can use to describe it. Feature for feature, it exceeded my expectations and offered things I didn’t know I needed…. Read more

What is Big Biller Founded in 1988, Big Biller is a straight to the point recruiting ATS. If Big Biller could speak, it would say,” um, hey you wanna ATS?… Read more

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