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Google has been the inspiration for many vendors in our industry. I could argue, for example, that Indeed mirrored Google’s business model and user interface to achieve their success. The… Read more

Organizations near and far are proclaiming themselves to be “veteran friendly.” Vendors, publications, and lobby groups have even gotten into the picture to help with said proclamation. Unfortunately, in the… Read more

As an HR analyst at Software Advice, a company that connects businesses with recruiting software vendors, Erin Osterhaus frequently conducts market-research on recruiting and talent management technologies. Recently, Osterhaus wanted… Read more

Of the many demos I’ve done in the past few weeks – it’s been something of a trial by fire – a few were mildly interesting. But almost none actually… Read more

She’s bold and certainly outgoing and her name is Sarah White the CSO of HRM Direct has officially kicked off the posting carnival with rendition of MILH? She’s a little on the wild side, but she asks an extremely valid question I think you’ll want to answer: Are you Recruiter enough to hire a MILH?

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