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Are psychometric assessments still relevant in recruitment?

This article was contributed by the good people at PeopleHR. Psychometric testing to support selection Before you invest too much time into...

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Part 1: Technical Recruiting and Technical Assessments: What’s NOT Working

Hiring for technical positions is one of the costliest of recruiting efforts, not only in terms of money spent, but as well in terms of...

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Can we select candidates based on their brains?

Can we select job candidates based on their brains?

Tangled Up In Who: Building The Business Case for Personality Assessments.

For well over a century now, industrial and organizational psychologists have turned their collective focus towards a singular goal: trying...

Psychometrics and Recruiting: Why Your Gut Feeling Isn’t Good Enough.

In my last Recruiting Daily article, Unscientific Assessment: Phrenology for Recruiters, I explored some of the stupid, silly and...

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