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A few short months ago…

…the goal of this webinar was to help outline automation points in the recruiting and sourcing process to create a faster, more fluid recruiting process.

But the market has changed.

We’ve gone from an incredibly difficult sourcing market with sparse talent that was not immediately available to a market that will experience a flood of volume for openings as they are re-posted in the marketplace in the coming months.

How are you going to prepare to handle this?

Mike “Batman” Cohen & I (Ryan Leary) are going to talk about what recruitment automation truly is. How and when you should consider adopting the principles behind automation and we are going to build an automation live on the webinar so that you can take away a real documented plan that you can adapt to your specific situation.

Have you heard this before?

“The holy grail of recruiting is to reach the right prospect with the right message at exactly the right time”.

Yeah, me too. And this is exactly what we are going to map out together during this training session.

Together we’ll build a map to show:

  1. How you can create a singular journey with a custom experience for each prospect.
  2. The tools that you should consider, where to use them, how to use them, and the step-by-step map to launch this for your organization.
  3. I am going to break down how some of the top organizations are building their automation to create best in class experiences for their prospects both from the perspective of a recruiter and a sourcer.
  4. Live on the call, I will draw out 5 must-have automation points and help you build an actionable takeaway list that you can use the moment you leave the session.

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Mike "Batman" Cohen
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Ryan Leary
CMO RecruitingDaily Follow Follow


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