Recruiting And Tools with Amy Miller

Our podcast is a series of sarcasm, cynicism and real talk on the topics and trends in the recruiting industry with the people who are trying to change our world of work with recruiting and tech innovations. Of course, we’ll also be connecting with people who aren’t changing the world but rather just muddying the waters, and expect to hear real talk on that, too. That’s why we’re calling our podcast recruiting and tools – because some products are great recruiting tools and others? Just tools.

This podcast is hosted by Microsoft Staffing Consultant and Recruiter Amy (Ala) Miller with sidekicks from RecruitingDaily sitting down with the people they actually want to talk to that are trying to make waves, not puddles.  The Tools podcast is all about real advice from people who are actually trying to do something about making everything from candidate experience to employee engagement better.

Tools Podcast:

  • Can be heard by more than 20,000 visitors per month
  • Has listeners 124 countries around the globe
  • Has an audience with purchasing power: with an average age between 25 & 34 years
  • Has a split listenership with 55% of our audience being female

If you have suggestions, a question or would like to be interviewed for the podcast, email us at [email protected]

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