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Just weeks after announcing a $15 million seed funding round, the interview technology company Clovers launched its flagship product, called… Clovers. The company describes Clovers as an interview intelligence platform… Read more

The Impact on Hiring and Turnover Reduction in 2021 and Beyond Disrupted, transformed, uprooted. Use whatever buzzword you want, but there’s no denying hiring has come a long way over… Read more

Machine learning tools for video interviewing platforms have been on the receiving end of sharp criticism, and not without justification.  Some technology within the budding sector has demonstrated biases, making… Read more

Video interviewing has come a long way since its initial advent way back when. And in 2020, video became not only a nice to-do, but a must-have to keep employees… Read more

Storytelling about myInterview with Benjy Gillman Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 94. This week we have storytelling about myInterview with Benjy Gillman. During this episode, Benjy and I talk… Read more

Modern Hire released Automated Interview Scoring, a feature for on-demand video interviews that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate candidate responses and provide employers with recommended scores to help ensure a… Read more

Modern Hire announced an integration with recruiting platform Greenhouse, which provides an automated process for submitting on-demand video, voice and text interviews, as well as live interviews and assessments within… Read more

HireVue launched HireVue Builder, a new tool that enables talent acquisition teams to create structured interviews based on predetermined key skills for a particular role. By identifying the job and… Read more

  VidCruiter – Why Structured Digital Interviews Win Over AI with Sean Fahey On today’s show, we have Sean Fahey from VidCruiter here for a really, really great topic. It’s… Read more

Video Interviewing with Steve Levy and Andrew Wood In this episode, we explore the psychometrics of video interviewing. We talk with video interviewing expert Andrew Wood from Willo (not a sponsor)… Read more

[Click Bait] Here’s why Video Interviewing is Dead with Matt Baxter of Wedge Goodbye phone screening. Hello Wedge.  A few years ago I spoke with a then just budding entrepreneur,… Read more

Closing a Candidate Before the Interview Depending on the role, industry, or individual, some candidates will always remain in-demand, no matter the state of the job market. Tech is an… Read more

Strip the Ego and Educate: Candidate Closure and Focused Interviewing with guest Jeff Shapiro Happy Thanksgiving! We have a great episode of Sourcing School for you. Today, we’re talking with Jeff Shapiro,… Read more

Wedge – How To Objectively Grade A Video Interview with Matt Baxter Today we have a wonderful guest, Matt Baxter from Wedge. We’re going to be talking about how you… Read more

Barriers to Recruiting Success: How the Interview Can Thwart Positive Outcomes In August 2020, we saw an encouraging continued decline in unemployment rates in the United States (to 8.4% per… Read more

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