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Trends changing recruiter roles

5 Trends Changing the Role of the Recruiter

With a growing list of responsibilities and a dynamic hiring environment, the role of the recruiter is perhaps one of the fastest-changing...

the future of companies is millennials

A 28-Year-Old Software Engineer Will Decide the Future of Your Organization

Your opinion of millennials doesn’t really matter Do you like millennials? Hate them? Turns out that your opinion doesn’t matter...

brain science and brain games recruiting

Can we select candidates based on their brains?

Can we select job candidates based on their brains?

Thinking on AI: What do truck drivers and recruiters have in common?

Per a recent Gallup survey, 7 in 10 Americans believe AI tech will eliminate more jobs than it creates. The numbers are all over the map...

AI, Diversity And Inclusion, Generational Recruiting Lead Discussions At #HRTX Boston

Automation and artificial intelligence, diversity, and inclusion, and Millennials and Generation Z were three of the hottest topics...

career site optimization

Career site optimization and protein bars: More in common than you think

Full disclosure: I’m a marketer, not a recruiter. But we all know that the overlap between marketer and recruiter is significant. The...

GDPR Recruitment Planning

Recruitment and GDPR Guideline Infographic

The GDPR deadline looms large, but many recruitment organizations are far from ready. The new directive brings about numerous changes and...

healthcare staffing crisis

The State of Healthcare Recruitment: Four Major Struggles Facing Healthcare Staffing Firms

The healthcare staffing industry is poised with opportunity, but amidst the acute talent shortage, healthcare staffing firms are also...

Cease and Desist #truestory

The Amex Job; My First, and Last, Cease and Desist Story

  “There’s a saying that you can’t put a price on a human life, but that saying is a lie because we have. We have, and...

Employer Branded Talent Acquisition

Employer Branding As A Strategic Approach To Long Term Talent Acquisition

Building a long-term image in the minds of passive candidates Employer Branding (EB) is a key component of any integrated talent...

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