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Why I’m (Still) A Recruiter: My Take From the Talent Trenches

Sometimes I am asked: “So why are you a recruiter?”  It’s a great question really. I mean you don’t go to school for it. I don’t...


How To Recruit Like A King: 23 Tips For Ruling at Recruiting

When you’re a King, you don’t need long introductions or lengthy leads, because, well, people already know you rule. So...

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RecFest: Peace, Love & Talent And Sunflowers At A Recruitment Conference

Every so often recruitment conferences (of which there are many,) need defibrillators strapped to them and set to 50,000 volts! They need...

Say Something: The Emotional Impact of Candidate Experience

We think, and talk a lot about, the need to “Say Something” to attract an audience.  Send a message…. push it out....

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The Real Reason Why People Leave Companies

Most of us have heard time and time again that “people don’t leave companies, they leave managers”. I can’t recall...

How To Create A Recruiting Video

Video has become one of the best ways to communicate a company’s culture, especially in a talent recruiting context.  Doing it well can...

3 Tips for Breathing New Life Into An Established Employer Brand

Employer branding may not be new for your company. Maybe your organization has been actively branding its employment experience for...

Candidate Experience: “What’s In It for My Company?”

Besides the fact that treating your candidates with respect is the right thing to do, there are also some solid and important reasons...

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The Need for New Key Performance Indicators in Recruiting & Hiring

It's time for a change in the key performance indicators for recruiting.

How To Spot A Lazy Recruiter

How To Spot A Lazy Recruiter on LinkedIn

3 Reasons Why Being a Lazy Recruiter on LinkedIn Can Cost You Candidates