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Real Lies, Realized: 10 Fake HR Tech & Recruiting “Trends” You Should Really Ignore.

For an industry whose professional certification involves “competency based assessments,” there’s a surprising amount of incompetence...


100+ HR Technologies Worth Watching in Q4 2016.

Today, I’m excited to share my new “HR Technologies to Watch” list with the RecruitingDaily audience. As you may (or may...


Going Dutch: Why Randstad Really Acquired Monster (And Why You Should Care).

I have no memories (first hand, of course) of their now seminal Super Bowl spot, “When I Grow Up,” mainly because I was growing up,...

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Guts Over Fear: Recruiting Wasn’t Broken Until You Came Along.

Every day, I’m lucky enough to get to talk to the people on the cutting edge of the recruiting technology industry. Most of these are...


Poetic Justice: Why Machine Learning Matters in Recruiting and Hiring.

The first time I used Waze was a revelation. This was not because of the network effects it generates, but more importantly, because of how...


Silicon Valley: The Recruiting Technology Problem No One Is Talking About.

We all know that salary is the single most important factor in determining whether or not a candidate will pursue a role and accept an...


Highway to Hell: The Future of Recruiting is Terrifying.

I don’t get out a whole hell of a lot, at least as far as the trade show circuit is concerned; taking the time out of my day...

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Why LinkedIn Customer Service Is The Ultimate Oxymoron.

Turns out there’s good news, there’s bad news, and there’s LinkedIn Customer Service. At least, this was the discovery I...


Now And Forever: Why HR Tech Salespeople Suck (And What To Do About It).

There’s a very good reason vendor is a four letter word in recruiting and HR. That’s because almost everyone in the business...

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