Google Introduces Auto-Awesome for Resumes

awesomeMove over, resume writers and career coaches. You may finally have met your match.  Looks like Google has finally entered the recruiting game with some serious tech that’s going to change the way job seekers find employers – and employers find job seekers.  Although, interestingly enough, it still looks like the company that’s innovative enough to create robotic cars still believes in the viability of resumes, much to your vendor’s chagrin.

Google has done it again – and this is pretty awesome. Like, off the charts awesome.  OK, so it’s obviously an April Fool’s Joke (or maybe not so much, if you’ve ever seen an HR Tech product video, which they pretty much nailed).  But let’s look at this logically.  

By releasing this video, even if it’s an apparent spoof, Google has still effectively recognized that resumes, recruiters and job seekers may actually, you know, have some sort of actual impact on the businesses hiring them.

Yeah, weird idea – that candidates come into a company and actually, you know, do those jobs that were described when you posted and prayed a few weeks back.  And while Google (and anyone watching it) has fun with this idea, they probably wouldn’t have been so effective at fooling – or at least creating a product that looks like the UX and UI, at least, have already been built (if even for a video).  But this may be more than just a fun time waster; it may show that the biggest, baddest tech company of them all actually has job seekers and recruiting on their radar.

From Google:

“If you’ve ever hosted a CV in Google Drive, you’ll know the current swathe of editing options in Google Docs. One of the company’s japes today is a promotional video for Auto-Awesome, which adds some fun effects to your perfectly crafted document. The Pokemon theme – clearly inspire”d by its popular Google Maps update – and Doge designs are our favorites.”

Check out the whole video and let us know – if this were a real product, would you use it for recruiting and hiring?  No April Fooling.

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