Best of/Worst of: Salary Negotiation

In this podcast…

In our latest Best of/Worst of podcast Amy Ala, Recruiting Consultant for Microsoft, joins host Daniel Fogel for the Best of/Worst of treatment on the Salary Negotiation process. Discussing recent stories in the news like Reddit eliminating salary negotiations, the Google worker who started a mini salary revolution, and horror stories of negotiations gone wrong from around the web, Amy and Daniel share their personal best and worst experiences as well. Find out what you absolutely shouldn’t be doing as a recruiter entering into salary negotiations along with practical advice on how to improve your process.

Resources mentioned in this podcast:

You Go First, the Salary Negotiation How-to.

Ask a Manager – Company pulls offer after candidate tries to negotiate

Wall Street Journal Article – Haggle Over Salary? It’s Not Allowed

Reddit CEO Ellen Pao bans salary negotiations

There’s reportedly a big, secret spreadsheet where Google employees share their salaries

Heard in this podcast:

Amy AlaAmy Ala, Recruiting Consultant, Microsoft

Amy has 15+ years of recruiting experience, starting her career in agency recruiting running a desk for companies like Spherion & Lucas Group before making the move in-house, where she has held strategic roles for the State of Washington and Zones.



Daniel Fogel, VP of Content & Community, RecruitingBlogs

Daniel brings over 10 years of experience in HR and talent acquisition experience to his role at RecruitingBlogs but his passion is meeting and connecting with new people.
Twitter: @Daniel_Trending


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