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Recruiting Daily (RD) is your inside look into today’s recruiting world. Our community offers all of the resources you need to be successful in one central place including tips, tools, and industry news.

RecruitingDaily.com LLC most recently purchased RecruitingBlogs.com the original social network for recruiters, HR, and staffing professionals.

RD is managed by Noel Cocca and Tim Spagnola whose combined experience spans 20+ years with physician, executive and healthcare recruitment. Both have desk experience with small and large firms and have managed, hired and trained recruiters from all professional backgrounds.

Their vision is to make RD a full service resource for recruiting professionals. Striking the balance between managing a successful desk and pursuing your personal life goals can be tricky but RD can help you manage that process.

Noel CoccaNoel Cocca
Noel on LinkedIn »Noel Cocca has been a professional recruiter since 1996 with extensive experience in contingency and retained search, sourcing, marketing, direct mailing, strategic list generation, online marketing, retention planning, team building, management, and training.His experience coupled with a persistent positive attitude and a ridiculous need to pile more on his plate has motivated his desire to help recruiters succeed.
Tim SpagnolaTim Spagnola
Tim on LinkedIn »Tim Spagnola has been a professional recruiter since 2002 with experience in physician healthcare, pharmaceutical and medical device placement.He is a blogger, pop culture junkie and self described social media enthusiast. He sees social media’s versatility as a way to expand the RD network and provide recruiters with relevant and real time access to resources and information.

And, in 2011 we welcomed Ryan Leary to the team…

Ryan Leary
Ryan on Linkedin I am a fast paced and forward thinking recruiter with the ability to see, create and accomplish the big picture. I am currently working with Kenexa which is the largest pure player RPO in the industry. My role varies day to day but can be grouped under Sourcing and Technology.I lead a sourcing team that supports both our internal and external client projects, responsible for consulting with clients to understand their challenges, develop sourcing strategies and work to implement those strategies into their current staffing model.
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